Sunday, 28 October 2012

A post that will be deleted. * lol *


I thank you ALLAH for every single time I breathe and awake. 
Every minutes in life ( life in dunya ) is totally priceless.

As the SPM is just too close with me this minute, some of u may think Im nervous,
kepala lutut nak jatuh, & mcm2 lg.

I pretty much convinced that "worry" or 
"uh...takutnya " feeling is unnecessary.

*My Trial result wasnt colourful at all.
  But, I've tried my best.

And I forever will,
Try My Best.

p/s : If you're worried. Do things that you should. Go memorize those facts that will be needed to score ur SPM. 
pls, Jgn waste hours for feeling stress out.
Kalau awk dapat baca sesuatu dlm masa seminit . ( cth ;tunggu adik awk keluar dari tandas .) Baca jelah dalam masa 'seminit', dua minit,or tiga minit yg ada tu. :p
Who knows apa yg kita baca time tu lah, yg akan keluar kat SPM paper nanti ?
Faham tak apa I explain nih HAHAH

thats all for now, ladies & gentlemen.
I wish you have a very pleasant day ahead.


thank u,

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