Monday, 24 December 2012

Ex Boyfriend.

"At the end, you're just another mistake."

this is probably one of the sentences you'd come to think of abt ur ex boyfriend.

And you know what? Its funny .

We fall for a guy ( actually more than one lolol k ).
We befriend with them. we spent times with them.
we liked them. they treated us just nice.
we let them entered to our heart.

And you know what? Its funny.

Im sure most muslim women have figured that couple-ing , puppy love-ing or teman tapi mesra-ing is just one of the sinful things in dunya.
Ia mendekati zina.

And you know what? Its so funny mengalahkan

We already knew its sinful yet we let ourselves did it.
We knew we shouldnt let mens' eyes stare deep into our eyes.
We knew we shouldnt do this and that.
But, we did it anyway.

Eventually,sorrows came to the relationship we had with 'em.
Hard times came over uninvited.
& they and us couldnt hold the relationship fr any longer.
They and us couldnt face everything together.

We cried and whined and felt tearing ourself apart.
Ashamed, felt so dumb, and regret of what we had done overwhelmed our-own-selves.
We trusted someone who we shouldnt.
We cared abt someone who never deserved to have our eye on 'em.
Our time were just wasted fr someone who so called entahpape-punya-exboyfie.

And we said "Lelaki semua sama je- "

We actually should repent to our Lord and remind ourselves ceaselessly what HE had told us to do.
Saying "Lelaki semua sama je- " is always wrong, syg. Awk tak ingat Rasulullah SAW ? Baginda ialah lelaki :')
-tapi itulah dia namanya kaum Hawa, acapkali melafazkan kata2 yg tak dimaksudkan apabila rasa marah menguasai diri :( hmmm ._.

They ( exboyfies ) did wrong. That is just a part of human being to make mistakes.
Setiap perbuatan mereka dicatit. Cukuplah ALLAH SWT untuk menghukum kita semua T_____T
tidakkah kita sepatutnya maafkan mereka?
Maafkanlah orang lain sebagaimana kita mahu orang lain memafkan kita.
Let Us Forgive Them and Move On.

Past is Past.
Do Think About The Future.
There Is More To Come.

Be Whoever You want. Be A Good One. And Strive For It.

-You are always in my prayers :)

Nur Indah Binti Mohd Musa

i never had a bf xx

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